heloo, i’m sham. but here i prefer senpai. why senpai. nothing interesting about this word. but it came when i watched Japanese drama. one character in that drama name senpai. he was cool. i am the man who loves music from pop to rock, kawaii japanese girl, gundam kit, manga, shoulder bag, digital camera, alotof cool and magic gadget.

i love fashion. lolz, i’m not gay. i quite choosing in the way i style. i use to love Soda, Larrie, Radioactive, Levi and Lee Cooper.

i’m biology stud in malaysia technology university or locally known UTM. i still don’t whether i have passion in my course. cell, bacteria, virus … they are complicated.

i born in simple and moderate family. all my siblings have their own life, i meant family. i’m the only son that still searching for the light to live my life.

i also have passion in photographing. i love to shoot every single nice shot. life is once. every single second is an award from God. so, keep moving my life and record every moment in pics is the best way.

keep going on…がんばります*

* がんばります a.k.a. i’ll do my best


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