this is the first post in a week. i got nothing to post. the streamyx connection in my area not going well. raining everyday. i could’t go anywhere i planning to go. i just finish up watching my favorite hero Masked Rider Kabuto. the story was really amazing. i love it damn much. if we look to others Masked Rider, the stories were stereotype. no joking, more to serious. but Kabuto was different. the storyline was flow based on plot. 

back to the topic, it was raining. i mean it is raining everyday. flood come again at all riverside. victims were moved to safe place. (this topic is really boring to discuss)

and this all from me, actually i have many thing to post. but i got no picture. make me lazy lah.

see ya


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  1. KERINK on

    HAHAH.dodowl jew die ney.
    humm.kat umah anda banjir ka?
    kat cni ujan gak hary2.
    tp ta la cmpi banjir.
    heheh ;]
    bes kan dok kedah! seronok nyew.
    hahah! ade sawah lagyk tuh! ;]
    i love country side.
    tapi city pon ok gak.
    both bes! hahah ;]

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