…is it real?…

i dunno what to write. so, i found this pic on web (below). look at it. plain funny. is it really exist in kelantan. who’s kelantanese here. tell me please.

...still desire to know...

...still desire to know...


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  1. sue on

    thank you! I use photoshop for all the pictures and then i code it with notepad and then i test it over and over again so it looks the way i want it =D

  2. ShamSenpai on

    owh really, are u expert in html or css and maybe xml..i also wanna learn it..but i found it’s hard…how u learn r?

  3. callister on

    weh..ada ke papan tanda mcm 2 kat kelantan?
    aku bukan org kelantan tp bf aku org kelantan..

  4. ShamSenpai on

    that why la aku letak sini,..aku pun confius,..benar2 wujud kerh?..neway,..nice jgak kan..nanti kedah leyh tiroo..huhu

  5. abdusfauzi on

    nope. the image was poorly edited using some image editor. but, the idea is funny. hehehe.

  6. ShamSenpai on

    dammit, it looks real..seriously,i quite believe it. heheh..hopefully, it will ‘really’ exist soon

  7. MaJa on

    doesnt look real to me.

    u can really see how the colours are inconsistent..

  8. shamsenpai on

    dammit, i couldnt see it. see without glasses..

  9. kerink on

    hahah!its funny!
    tp best!heeee~

  10. M. Nabil on

    Salam ziarah,

    it’s been sometimes we haven’t seen each other, but all thanks to facebook. Anyway, the pics is quite old( a friend shown it about a year ago), been having doubts about it authenticity though……

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