…day without words…

huh..i’m lazy to write today. nothing impressed me recently. politic? no! dont even try to say that rubbish words. racist? never!!..i entered this blogsphere because i just wanna people out there, know something that i really desire to get, and something gorgeous that i have (actually, none) and something that i know, of course lah.

and again, my holiday is really bored. nothing to do, nothing to shout here. i just have this bloody fucking acer laptop ( wanna that macbook). it never help me. it’s always make me crazy ( mom! i really wanna that macbook). next semester will be so ‘scared’. i’m going to little spend of my money. i wanna save it for macbook.

“ding dong”

wait wait, someone ‘buzz’ me. owh, it’s my friend. he invited me to go to his home. he is selangorian. do i need to take his invitation. i really wanna go there but it’s too far. i wanna save my money. help me to solve this. my friend or my dream macbook. i’m too bored here..again, i repeated it. boring, boring.

...look clearly, that ant pick her son...

...look clearly, that ant pick her son, (this pic isnt related to the topic)...


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