…damn much…

my holiday isnt going cool. i just stay home watching movie, japanese drama and doing something not worthy. i learned japanse myself. watashi no name wa sham desu. that the first phrase i learned. how could i pushed myself in japanese without expert guiding. so, i suppose to take japanese coure nex semEster.

buta* des” shouting at my laptop.

it happen again. i’m going to throw this laptop this time. it’s always miss typing my word. the touchpad already dead. hahah, i wanna more money. wanna buy some col laptop like macbook. i hope someday, good samaritan come and help me….


* Watashi no name wa sham desu a.k.a. my name is sham

* Buta a.k.a. pig

run out…


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  1. abdusfauzi on

    hmm.. save the money for the macbook. the price is quite high, but its worth it. believe me. that if you’re planning for long term. short term? just buy dell. their services are the best. 🙂

  2. ShamSenpai on

    hopefully, bydaway…i really admire your page..hahah..surely, i dont know how to code them. need i to upgrade my account to get my own domain..?….need to work damn hard right…this horrible acer wasnt boughten by me. i just got it for my SPM graduation. i already used it for two years..i really wanna buy mac. its cool stuff interest me…

  3. renjou satoru on

    I agree…Surely, dell service is the best..!Hehe… I dreamed of Mac too… But someday somehow we gonna get that stuff…Just pray for it…InsyaAllah… N sham…I thought when u writes ur name senpai u means that sham senpai = senior sham… But it is a character’s name? In which Jap film/drama? May I know..?

  4. ShamSenpai on

    the real name for that character is nanba minami..all friends called him nanba-senpai. i like the word ‘senpai’..i know it’s mean ‘senior’..i do like the sound not the meaning…owh, i watched hanazakari no kimitachi e. currently play at 8tv..every sunday…4p.m..i’m not so sure about the time…the story is awesome…watch it

  5. renjou satoru on

    soo ka?wakarimashita..hurm..by the way at my place is out of the broadcast area of 8tv..in other word..we dont have 8tv chnnel..thats why i dont know bout this show.. anyway..thanks for the info..i’ll try searching n watch it on the web.thanx ya!

  6. ShamSenpai on

    nemind, i also watched on PC. i bought the dvd..

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