…ain’t awesome…

yeah, it’s not going to happen like before again. i will continuing publish my words or something up to my blog. it’s not really awesome to have blog without my own theme. but, i try damn much to learn HTML that i thought the most complex thing i have known. God, please give some more time. i wish before i reach 20 i could code my theme by own.

this time, i’m not going to write about politic issues or kind of that here. i just wanna share my interests and maybe my lousy life. hahaha, just wanna fulfill my time.

enough if i have DiCa*, Nikon S210. more awesome if i could own DSLR* camera. but, it’s too expensive. now, i’m on saving the money to buy some cool gadget, iPod touch. hope someday i will have it on my hand.

...ijat searching for wifi connection...

...ijat searching for wifi connection...

pen off…

* DiCa a.k.a. Digital Camera

* DLSR a.k.a. Digital Single-Lens Reflex


4 comments so far

  1. MY on

    border tue wat cmner?

  2. sham rosdi on

    owh,border for that pic right. i’m using corel paint shop pro photo x2…
    edit it using time machine. there is alota of cool funtion there.

  3. MY on

    oo.. I have some corel software..my fren nya cd..later I try..thank you..

  4. sham rosdi on

    nak blaja bnyk lagi cool stuff tntg corel…


    tutorial ade

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